Consulting - with Know How, Experience, and Passion

We consult you competently and comprehensively – this means giving technical statements and carrying responsibility for their scope.

We base our consultancy on comprehensive practical experience with additional numerical secure.

Our areas of expertise are Geotechniques, construction operation and management and mechanized tunnelling in particular.

The "factor" human being forms the interfaces between these topics which is decisive for the implementation of any consultancy.

We also support you on transferring our consultancy practically on the job-site. 


You can check our reference list for further information and don’t hesitate contacting us either through our contact form or call us directly.

Our phone number: +49 7821 3270606


We consult you on the following topics:

  • tunnelling techniques (large profile tunnel, pipe jacking)
  • TBM penetration rates
  • TBM performance rates
  • Wear and tear evaluation
  • Spoil conditioning concept (EPBM)
  • Separation and slurry concept (slurry TBM)
  • Segmental  lining and NATM concepts
  • TBM design and technical specifications
  • Final TBM workshop acceptance
  • Spoil handling concept
  • Operational interface


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