Object planning / Structural planning

Careful implementation and professional engineering!

In addition to our core business of tunnelling, our senior-CEO Dieter Seibert has 30 years of experience in object- and structural planning.


Object planning - with care and professionalism

Construction objects such as buildings, bridges, and traffic facilities play an essential role in our daily lives and require careful planning and professional engineering.

Routing and high and low levels of traffic tunnels have to comply with technical and political requirements.


Construction objects have to be adapted to their surroundings and under no circumstances should they disturb the ecological balance. When we plan a construction object we'll also handle the blueprint planning, the approval planning, and the implementation planning of traffic facilities.

We also plan the development of residential areas, business parks, bridges, and engineering constructions.

Dr. Rehm und D. Seibert


Structural planning, structural analysis and statics are essential!

Statics: you can't see them but without them no construction object could exist.

Statics are the most important aspect of structural planning. Ignoring them can lead to a rude awaking.

As consulting engineers, we are active members in numerous professional organizations (BDB, VDEI) and have extensive experiences in structural planning of buildings, bridges, engineering constructions and underground engineering constructions.

We also advise you in design, blueprint, and structural analysis of tunnel membranes.


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