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The adventure of tunneling

Tunnelling is a daily adventure because it's notoriously dark at the hoe.

Well advised is who seeks good advice.
It is not about knowing things better, but to complement valuable knowledge from experience.

We are specialists for all related fields in tunnelling.

Tunnelling Consultant GmbH


Unsere Leistungen

Consulting with Passion

Any professional consulting can be only as good as the practical experience behind it.

We have over 20 years of experience in tunnel construction on all 5 continents and share our experience in all areas of tunnelling. Having participated in big international design companies, we do also review, evaluate and advise planning works. Furthermore, we give technical workshops on all topics of tunnelling.

Our credo is knowledge-sharing.

Instand feedback:

Phone +49 (0)7821 327 0606
E-Mail: ru@tunneling-consultant.de

Our Services

Our services are very manifold and spread around the following main columns:

Projects worldwide - our references

We advise and support companies in tunneling projects from all over the world. From Canada to Denmark and Saudi Arabia to China. You can download our current reference list as a PDF. Just click here: Reference list for download (652 Kb).




Consulting - with Know How, Experience, and Passion

We consult you competently and comprehensively – this means giving technical statements and carrying responsibility for their scope.

Claim management

Claim management

Claims are the result of unforeseeable and not expected construction costs, which have their origins in incomplete tender documents.

Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment

Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment

The risks in tunnelling are very complex and have always impact on the efficiency of the project. In most cases they endanger the people on site.

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